Warid For the first time in Pakistan you can make free calls for life!


Jan 28, 2010
For the first time in Pakistan you can make free calls for life!

  • Choose Unlimited favourite ZONG numbers and call from midnight to 7am - absolutely free! This is a limited time offer, so rush now before you miss the deal of a lifetime!
  • During Break Time Hours call all ZONG numbers at Rs.3.99 per hour from noon to 2.00pm and on Fridays from Noon to 4:00pm.
  • Now you can call upto 10 Friends and Family numbers.
Nationwide Tarrifs ZONG to ZONG Rs. 2.00/minute ZONG to any other network Rs. 2.00/minute
SMS to any network Rs. 0.20 ZONG Friends and Family numbers 10 numbers Unlimited Free Numbers (Midnight to 7:00 am)* Free Late Night Offer (Midnight to 7:00 am) ** Rs. 3.99 per hour - Break Time Offer (Noon to 2:00 pm) **
- Break time offer Fridays Only(Noon to 4:00 pm)
Rs. 3.99 per hour ZONG Friends and Family rate Re. 1.00/minute MMS Rs. 3/100KB Mobile Internet Rs. 10/MB Super Free Number ** Free (24 Hours a day) '*' Limited time offer
'*' All ZONG numbers
'**' Monthly subscription Rs500+Tax, This offer is for ZONG Free Package for ZONG to ZONG calls only.

  • You can subscribe to ZONG Free Package by dialing 900 with onetime charges of Rs. 15 only (first time migration to this package is free)
  • Balance validity is based on re-charge
  • Daily subscription charges are Re. 1
  • The free number can be modified only once every month
  • You can choose to unsubscribe from Break Time offer by calling 310
  • To avail Unlimited Free numbers the subscriber needs to maintain balance of Rs.1/number added To reactivate call 900
ALL CED and Taxes apply.
Please note that all calls will be automatically disconnected after 59 minutes.