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Mar 19, 2008
This is for all the guys out there who are interested in guyliner! Whats guyliner some of you may ask.. ? All it is is eyeliner that guys wear. No, there's no difference in the products, the only difference is who it's on... A guy!

This can be a beginners personal reference to applying guyliner.

This is a really easy look to achieve. If you've never applied eyeliner before, do NOT get discouraged if it turns out wrong or bad the first few times. This takes trial and error and a few pokes in the eye for everyone.
. =)

Some things you'll need to get this look are:
A good, smooth eyeliner pencil.
Black eyeshadow. (optional)

01. Products

Any smooth, BLACK eyeliner pencil that applies easily will work. Liquid eyeliner is NOT recommended for this look.
For the eyeshadow, I recommend a good brand such as MAC. MAC Carbon is a solid black, high-pigment matte shadow. I DON'T recommend store brand shadows such as Maybelline. Most of the time it comes up too light and multiple layers of shadow are needed, and not to mention some of it's glittery. But, use whatever you can get if you chose to use the eyeshadow.

02. Application

First, without poking yourself in the eye, take your pencil liner and along the inside of your bottom eye lid, apply the liner. (yes, the inside, right above your bottom lashes. This is where an eyeliner that is smooth to apply comes in handy). This can be a very difficult step to people who are new to it. Your eyes may water obscenely, lol. That's ok, it's normal. It just takes some time to get use to.

(inside of the bottom eye lid)

After you have applied the liner to the inside of you bottom lid, take the liner and just along the bottom, make a thick line under your eye and lashes. This is your desired thickness... It can be as thick or as thin as you want it to be.
Then, either with your finger, makeup sponge applicator, Q-tip, or anything else you may use here... Smudge or kinda smear the eyeliner so it will get, well, that smudgy look. lol. It's very simple and this is optional.

03. Optional Step: Top Eyelid

Take your pencil liner and draw line across your top eye lid, just along the eyelash. You can make it your desired thickness. Try to get as close as you can to your lashes. You should try to be as neat as possible if you chose to do this step without eyeshadow. Next, if you choose to not use the eyeshadow, follow the above steps to smudge the liner.
Don't forget to make the liner from the top eye lid and the bottom eye lid meet at the ends of your eye. You're not trying to make it pointy or anything, you just want to make sure they meet up.

If you're using the eyeshadow: Take your eyeshadow and apply a small amount just over top of the liner on your top eyelid. You don't want to make it perfect, remember, your trying for a smokey look, so it wants to be flared and have a fading or smudgey look to it. You can also do the same for the bottom lid if desired.

04. Your Result

Your finished result will probably not look like the pictures on your first few tries if you're a beginner. This takes time and practice to master, and possibly a few pokes in the eye.

Please don't be discouraged if you've done it 10 times and still haven't gotten it right. THIS TAKES TIME. Especially since you're a guy and probably don't wear makeup. It takes time and practice to achieve this look. Keep trying and don't give up till your happy with the ending result!


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Jun 21, 2007
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