Love and Tear


Mar 15, 2007
Toronto, Ca
Love and Tear (They go hand in hand)

Until our soul is buried beneath the sand,
Love and tear are like husband and wife,
That stay together throughout our life.

When love enters, it brings joy into our heart,
Then the tear makes its way and breaks its apart,
Without love and tear, no one can live, but
When they come together, pain is what they give.

Love decorates our life with those beautiful stars,
Tears come and replace those stars with painful scars,
Love and tear are like best friends,
When they come together, the pain never ends.

Every heart in search of love, goes on its way,
When it finds love, tear also comes with it to stay,
Love and tear are like the sun and moon,
Where one brings light and the other brings darkness soon

Love is a shine that always stays in our eyes,
Tears are like the oceans that never dries,
Love and tear are like the day and night,
Where love brings ecstasy and tear brings only fright.

Love brings the reminiscence that we carry forever,
Tear brings the regrets that always stay together,
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