Sony Ericsson Tricks


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Mar 15, 2007
Sony Ericsson Tricks

>*<<*<* Is how you can access your service menu

> is move the joystick right
< is mover the joystick left
* is press the star key


- to turn on/off silent quickly, hold down "#"

- joystick can be customised, ALL four directions.

- GOTO letter in addressbook
holding down the corresponding number on the dialpad will lead you to
the corresponding name in your address book. ie: holding down #5 will
lead to letter "j" on your book

- speed dials can be assigned, to use type corresponding number and
call. .i.e. 4 and call. Holding down number will take to phonebook. To
set up go
under Address book / Options / Speed Dial

- camera functions using toggles:
-toggle "1" picture size
-toggle "2" nightmode
-toggle "3" special effects
-toggle "4" self timer - unavailable for "video mode"

-joystick up and down changes zoom
ZOOM available on following modes only
-video mode: 170 - 2x zoom ; 128 - 2x4x zoom
-pic mode: 320 - 2x zoom - 160 - 2x4x zoom

- holding down c or # will turn on/off silent.

- to show off screen saver/lock keypad press * and lock keys
To unlock do the same.

- quick connectivity
from standby, "more" will give you options for infra-red, Bluetooth,
silent, phone status and shortcuts customising - on unbranded model

- phone status: from standbyscreen, press volume button

- note the ascending ringtone when turned off is removed, so ringtone
starts straight after a short vibrate.

Still Camera shortcuts
1 - cycles through picture sizes
2 - toggles night mode on or off
3 - cycles through the effects
4 - toggles self-timer on or off
5 - turns the light on or off

Video camera shortcuts
1 - toggles video size
2 - toggles night mode on or off
3 - cycles through the effects
5 - turns the light on or off

Turn the screensaver clock on or off
settings, display, light, automatic

Make any sound your ringtone
In entertainment choose the "Record sound"
record your sound and press save when done
you can press more, rename and give it a useful name
then go to settings, profile, edit profile and change the ringtone to
the sound just recorded.

note, to listen to your sound in the media player you need to move the
file to the sounds folder.
after you have renamed your sound click on Recorded sounds, then more
then manage files, move to folder and then sounds.

press the volume switch on the side and it will stop both the vibrate
and the ringtone but it will not reject the call.

When viewing slide show pressing to to left softkey (the one above the
back key) pauses the SlideShow.

*#06# Brings up your IMEI-number

There are more emoticons then are available in the Symbol menu. Try
typing the following (without spaces):
: - * /kiss
[ : ] /robot smile
: - [ /big dissapointment
: - ] /big smile

TIP: Emoticons work not only in messages. Try using them in notes,
tasks, calendar...

: They have all been tested but still Tafreeh Melar won't b responsible for any mishap if any occurs while using any of the above.


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