The theatrical trailer of 'Singh is Kinng' is simply breath-taking!


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Mar 19, 2008
Spectacular -- that's the right word to describe the two-and-a-half minute theatrical trailer of SINGH IS KINNG, which will be out in theatres in a couple of days from now. Believe me, we haven't seen something like this in a long, long time.

Any promo should give the viewer a feel of the film and that's what this trailer does. It's not a mindless comedy, with a few comic thrown in for effect, you realize this at the very outset. SINGH IS KINNG is the keenly awaited movie of the season and the promo more than justifies the hype surrounding the movie.

The trailer opens with Sonu Sood's character taking court of his kingdom in Australia, then breaks into a Hollywood style action sequence, followed by Punjab da puttar Akshay Kumar staging an entry. He's on a quest to bring Sonu Sood back home and ends up in a detour to Egypt's exotic locations where he encounters Katrina Kaif. And from there he moves on to his journey in Australia.

There's more to follow: Breath-taking action scenes [in fact, never seen before] picturized over the Australian skyline and also in the sea. The action is at par with any Hollywood film and the locales are jaw-dropping. Interspersed with great music and colourful costumes, this promo packs in so much in those couple of minutes. Note the funny one-liner by Akki in the end, it leaves you with a smile on your face.

If the trailer is an indicator of things to follow, expect a hurricane called SINGH IS KINNG to arrive on August 8.

The theatrical trailer of 'Singh is Kinng' is simply breath-taking!
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