Changing Jobs


(v)i§§· ßµølï ßµð£ï¨
Mar 20, 2007
Toronto, Canada
A. = Adjective ADV. = Adverb IDM. = Idiom N. = Noun V. = Verb
  • to be bought out V. to be purchased, taken over by another company

  • to be laid off V. to lose your job because the company wants to reduce the number of employees

  • competitive A. 1) liking competition, always competing with other people used to describe personalities 2) having intense competition used to describe markets, industries or businesses

  • dedicated A. 1) very loyal 2) working hard for a person, company or idea

  • to downsize V. to reduce the number of employees in a company in order to lower costs

  • to get rid of V. to throw away, remove, eliminate something or someone

  • outdated A. too old, antiquated

  • to retrain V. to reeducate someone for a job, train again

  • to streamline V. 1) to form into a smooth shape which can easily move through air or water 2) to improve the performance of something 3) to simplify a process

  • to update V. to make more modern

  • an update N. the latest information or news