Google earth on ur mobile.............


TM Champ
Mar 19, 2008
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Sometimes we have dreamed about having the program but famous google earth in ours mobile. all we have dreamed. but now lleguo the hour to caress that dream in the weno reality. does not stop everything. single the owners of nokia 9300 and 9500

If it has a connected GPS to your telephone and you want to visualize your routes in the popular program of cartography Google Earth, Phone2GEarth test. A simple tool with that you will be able to save, directly on your telephone, your routes or routes in format KML. The extension that uses Google Earth to visualize routes and routes in screen. Its operation is very simple. It is enough with generating file KML and to load it in the surroundings of the Google Earth to visualize, of an automatic way, the route makes using the cartography of the program. All a tool to visualize, in front of bird - or rather, satellite your habitual routes.

first step :
Set GPS Bluetooth:
In the Settings Menu you can choose "Set GPS", you will find the GPS automatically. If you use Bluetooth GPS, it might be necessary to activate Bluetooth before clicking "Set GPS".

2 step:
Start capture LOG:
After having selected the GPS, click "Start" and your paths are used to log tracks.. On the top of the screen you can see the number of records and the number of satellites fixed. Select "Stop" for stoping the logged.

3 step:
Export to Google Earth:
The Export menu allows choosing the destination (via bluetooth or via file) and generate the KML file.

4 step:
View your Track in Google Earth:
You have to transfer the file to your PC. By double clicking the KML file, Google Earth opens and displays the track.