How To Grow And Maintain A Moustache


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Mar 19, 2008

Found something for people who want to grow moustache ehh not me

Keeping a moustache definitely makes your face look more rugged and gives you a very serious look. It adds more volume to your face and accentuates facial features like eyes, chin, jawbones, etc. But how many of you would actually go that extra mile to grow and maintain that moustache with utmost care? Moustaches need regular trimming and ignoring that will make you look like you haven’t heard of shaving! You need to take care of the moustache and maintain it just the way you do for your hair. Check out how to grow and maintain a proper moustache.

Moustache Trimming Tips

* You need to let your stubble grow for almost two weeks to get a thick moustache. If you don’t like to grow hair on the cheeks, shave it off but be careful so as not shave off the moustache in the flow.
* Thereafter, take a sharp pair of scissors and trim off the corners carefully with the scissor blades tilted at an angle.
* Take a comb and comb your moustache hair to make it straight. For this, you need a comb that has very less spacing between the teeth. You need to comb your moustache so that any curled up hair can be straightened and trimmed properly.
* Your upper lip line should be the template for cutting or trimming your moustache. Ideally, the moustache should not reach the lip line and should be trimmed in accordance to the shape of the lip.
* If you think it is too bushy, reduce its volume by trimming on the top of the moustache. You may also apply a bit of gel or oil to keep it in place and make it look subdued.
* The moustache should not grow beyond the corner of the lips in length. So if it does, take care to trim it till the corners.

Enjoy have fun happy moustache growth
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