Living in our memory!


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Mar 16, 2008
Living in our memory!
Sitting in my bedroom alone.
Listening to songs we used to listen to.
Thinking back to when we met.
Thinking how much I really miss you.

Looking at our photo,
tears fill my eyes.
Looking at how happy we were.
How I didn't realise.

I miss everything.
From dancing, to fighting,
to you holding me close to your heart.
I miss our cuddles.
I try to forget but I cant.

2 years since we met.
Its gone so fast.
Yet it still feels like just yesterday,
since we were living our perfect past.

You told me the past has gone,
and that we remain apart.
You also said you see me in your future,
and that I'll always have your heart.

Those words I'll never forget.
Because I believe every word.
I also believe in never-ending love,
and a love that is no longer heard.

So forever I'll whisper.
I'll whisper 'I love you.'
I hope you hear me calling,
because you know my whispers true.
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