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Jan 28, 2010
Ufone Urdu SMS is a unique service that enables you to communicate with loved ones through SMS in Urdu script.
You can now send and receive Urdu text SMS instead of roman i.e. it would translate an SMS in to the local language script (Urdu) from Roman Urdu.
With this service you can send quotes, greetings, poetry, jokes in your local language instead of Roman Urdu which accentuates the true essences of the message. In addition to this it also takes language barrier out of the equation for the people who are not able to read English. With this service you can:
Convert a Roman Urdu message to Urdu script
Send Roman Urdu message as Urdu script to another subscriber To have a Roman Urdu message converted to Urdu script and sent back to yourself:
Type a message in Roman URDU e.g. app nay kab aana hai?
Send it to 424
Translated/converted message in URDU language/script is sent back to you e.g.
To send a message in Urdu script:
SMS recipient number to which you wish to send the translated message followed by and then the message in Roman URDU e.g. 03331234567 app nay kab aana hai?
Send it to 424
Translated/Converted message in URDU language will be sent to the recipient 03331234567 e.g.
Charges: All SMS sent to 424 would be charged at Rs.2+Tax Note:
You can send an Urdu SMS to all networks in Pakistan
Service is available for both prepaid and postpay users
Service is handset dependent and works accurately on handsets which support URDU and ARABIC script / language
In case a message is not converted properly you can send the command "MSG" to 424 and last message sent in Roman Urdu will be sent back as it is
Only 160 characters would be translated/converted per SMS , characters beyond that would not be catered
19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applie
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